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The Great Awakenings series, book 1, 1857-1858

Each book in the Great Awakening series is a stand-alone novel. The series is linked by theme, not story line. They were released out of chronological sequence because the prayer revival of 1857-58 (Proof) was Dr. Bright’s favorite revival of the series.

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Inspired by actual revival events, this first book in a series of four explores the personal and spiritual upheaval that occurs when the Holy Spirit stirs the waters of our souls.

When his daughter experiences a life-changing conversion to Christianity, a celebrated New York attorney takes the Holy Spirit to court in an attempt to win her back. With a hand-picked jury and a sympathetic judge, the atheistic attorney sues the church in which his daughter was saved, accusing them of teaching fictional religious concepts that will undermine America. In a dramatic courtroom thriller, a young defense attorney — boyfriend to the daughter and former intern to the celebrated lawyer — defends the church by attempting to prove the Holy Spirit exists, only to discover that the Holy Spirit is fully capable of proving Himself.

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The Great Awakenings


Bill Bright, Jack Cavanaugh