Pieces of the Past


Sewing up loose threads is her specialty …

Meet Sarah Hart, and expert in vintage quilt restoration who has a knack for piecing together mysteries. Whether she’s creating a Log Cabin quilt or delving into a real log cabin to find a clue, her keen eye and gentle faith always lead her in the right direction. Sarah understands that the key to making an intricate quilt – or solving an intricate mystery – is knowing how to put it all together.

Patchwork Mysteries, book 6

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When Sarah makes a quilt out of her father’s old flannel shirts, she brings it to the nursing home for him and meets his new friend, a fellow veteran named Vern. Vern tells Sarah about Alice, the woman he planned to marry before World War II. Vern always wondered what happened to Alice and Sarah offers to help him track down his lost love.

But as Sarah digs into Vern’s past, she soon discovers that his story doesn’t add up. Why can’t he remember when he graduated from high school or what his best friend’s name was? What is he really looking for? Sarah searches for the elusive Alice, only to discover that Vern has not told her the truth about his long-lost first love. Why does he really want to talk to her? Is bringing them back together a big mistake? As Sarah helps put together the scattered pieces of the past, they all discover a bright new future.

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Patchwork Mysteries


Susan Page Davis