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The Skinners of Goldfield series, book 3

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In this family life saga, third book of The Skinners of Goldfield historical fiction series, a life-shattering event will change the Skinner family’s dreams, hopes, and future. And the true treasure of Goldfield, Nevada will be revealed.

The hot desert winds and gold mines of Goldfield, Nevada make California’s cool valley breezes and peaceful farms seem like heaven on earth. And though O. T. Skinner dreams of moving further west, he and his family still dwell in the sin-filled boom town of Goldfield, Nevada. They don’t have much, but they do have each other. O.T. loves his strong-minded, independent wife who takes care of their family as well as the miners who depend on her warm meals. But days in her cafe stretch long. And Dola Mae finds out the hard way what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a helping hand. She prays it doesn’t become permanent.

Dola Mae’s blessed to be married to a man who’d do anything for his family and friends. However, she’s terrified she’ll lose him. Her fear may become reality when O. T.’s generosity puts his life in jeopardy one too many times. Through it all, the Skinner family remain a portrait of virtue and strength. These traits prove the rarest of treasures in a town built on greed, gambling all for a little gold.

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The Skinners of Goldfield


Stephen Bly