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Paul, A Man Who Changed the World


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Of the followers of Christ Jesus, Paul is the pre-eminent, and none of the others has left such a vast imprint of Christian thought. With Paul, as with Jesus, a biography in the modern sense is impossible because of the limited documents available–in Paul’s case there exists only the Book of Acts and the epistles in the young churches. Yet Paul’s life must be examined and understood by each new generation, if only for the appreciation of the Apostle’s tremendous and permanent impact in the fomenting Hellenic-Roman world into which he took the young faith in the risen Christ.

Two different approaches to a life of Paul are possible. There is the scholarly attempt at a reconstruction of Paul’s chronology and travels, along with a critical analysis of the biblical texts and a systematic discussion of he theology. Or, as Miss Buckmaster has chosen, one can accept the assured findings of the scholars  and weave them into the account of a great man’s titanic mission to half the Roman world, a mission which transformed a sect within Judaism into Christianity.

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Henrietta Buckmaster