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Muslin Mystery


Sewing up loose threads is her specialty …

Meet Sarah Hart, and expert in vintage quilt restoration who has a knack for piecing together mysteries. Whether she’s creating a Log Cabin quilt or delving into a real log cabin to find a clue, her keen eye and gentle faith always lead her in the right direction. Sarah understands that the key to making an intricate quilt – or solving an intricate mystery – is knowing how to put it all together.

Patchwork Mysteries, book 3

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When Sarah agrees to restore an old family heirloom quilt for a former boarder, she is surprised to be given a messy assortment of dilapidated quilt blocks. As she works to restore the stained and tattered fabric, she begins to see letters stitched into the muslin pieces. What could they mean? When she finally figures out how to put together the mismatched quilt blocks, she discovers a message pleading for help. But who sent the message and when?

Then, the woman who gave her the quilt disappears and Sarah is warned that she could be in danger if she keeps asking questions. How will the quilt guide her to the missing woman? What secrets has this family been hiding, and how will it help her unravel the truth?

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Patchwork Mysteries


Vera Dodge