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Monday Morning Faith


Warm and whimsical, Monday Morning Faith will take you on a spiritual journey filled with depth and humor.

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Dear Mom and Pop, Two days ago we all spent the afternoon in palm trees. One of the village dogs broke his leash and treed the whole community. The dog is mean, but I have managed to form a cautious relationship with him by feeding him scraps from our table, and jelly beans…I hope candy doesn’t hurt a dog; it hasn’t hurt this dog, I can assure you. I know you’re wondering about Sam…I love him with all my heart, but sometimes love just isn’t enough…Love always, Johanna

The New Guinea jungle holds many allures, but not for librarian Johanna Holland. Johanna is simply aghast at the lack of hot showers and…well…clothing! She is positive the mission field is most certainly not God’s plan for her life, but will that mean letting go of the man she loves?


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Lori Copeland


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