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Maiden of the Mist


Priscilla Latham Grant has inherited a lighthouse! So with not much more than a strong will and a sore heart, the recent widow says goodbye to her lifelong Kansas home and heads to the quaint and historic island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. There she comes face-to-face with adventures, which include her trusty canine friend, Jake, three delightful cousins she didn’t know she had, and Gerald O’Bannon, a handsome Coast Guard captain – plus head-scratching mysteries that crop up with surprising regularity.

Mysteries of Martha’s Vineyard, book 4.

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As autumn leaves and cooler temperatures fall on Martha’s Vineyard, Priscilla finally seems to be finding her sea legs and feeling at home on the island.

However, a ghostly visitor, known as the “Weeping Woman,” begins to show up nightly on the cliff outside of her home. Why is she there? Is someone trying to scare Priscilla away from her beloved cottage and lighthouse? If so, could a local art dealer be involved? Does an eccentric woman with a crush on Gerald imagine Priscilla to be such a threat to her unrequited romance that she wants her gone? Or are the eerie apparitions part of a cruel Halloween prank played by a gang of troubled teens?

A chain of mysterious events pushes Priscilla to find an answer to the unearthly visitation before someone takes things to a dangerous level!

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Mysteries of Martha's Vineyard


Nancy Mehl