Long Road to LaRosa


West Texas Sunrise series, book 2

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Marshal Ben Flood, a quiet and respected lawman in post-Civil War Texas, is in pursuit of a band of desperadoes who have robbed a local bank and kidnapped feisty ranchwoman Lee Morgan. The leader, Zeb Stone, holds an old grudge against the marshal and leads his pursuer through the parched South Texas desert to LaRosa, Mexico, hoping for revenge.

The bandit’s trump card is his hostage, Lee. He knows Ben has grown fond of her and that the marshal will follow the bloodthirsty gang anywhere in order to save her. But while Lee appears docile on the outside, her unquenchable spirit bristles at the thought of being used as bait – and she’s determined to thwart Zeb’s plan. Meanwhile, Ben is in a race against time, not only to rescue Lee, but to confront a past that threatens to destroy him. There will be no turning back, and this time only one man can come out alive.

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Fleming H. Revell


West Texas Sunrise


Paul Bagdon