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Last Swan in Sacramento


Old California series, book 2

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In a land and a time where reputations were gained…and lost…in a matter of weeks, Martina Swan is about to discover whether she has the faith and courage to survive.

They were supposed to be living happily ever after. Instead, Martina Swan, daughter of the legendary Wilson and Alena Merced, grapples to find peace in a marriage that is falling apart. Her husband is in Virginia City, Nevada, trying his luck at mining the Comstock Lode. A promise to come home a wealthy man “in three weeks” was given over a year ago. Meanwhile, Martina struggles to keep the family store solvent in Sacramento. And the pressures are mounting as she seeks to raise their child, the bank deviously tries to close the store, and armed outlaws decide she has possession of their stolen treasure.

Always living in the shadow of her mother’s beauty and her father’s valor, Martina finds her one true source of joy is her daughter. But when a stranger shows up with a message from her husband, Martina determines to go and bring her man home. It turns out to be a shocking, toughening experience. In fact, she’s about to fight the most difficult battle of her life–learning to forgive and love again. It will prove to be a deep lesson about herself, the nature of love, and God’s unwavering concern for her entire family.

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Old California


Stephen Bly