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In the Presence of Mine Enemies & Life More Abundant (A Guideposts 2-In-1 Selection).


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In the Presence of Mine Enemies is a memoir by American pilot Howard E. Rutledge, co-written with his wife, of his time in a Vietnamese POW camp during the Vietnam War. When it was published it was the first book-length firsthand treatment of the experiences of American prisoners of war in Vietnam. It was made into a documentary in the same year.  After the war Rutledge was an unsuccessful candidate for Congress. He died of cancer in 1984.

Life More Abundant, by Dr. Charles Allen deals with the problems we all face, whether they by large life-and-death struggles or smaller, thorn-in-the-side annoyances which detract and steal the blood from the abundant life God wants for us.

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Charles L. Allen, Howard Ruthledge, Phyllis Ruthledge