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How to Understand the Bible


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Because they have known its stories from childhood, many people think the Bible is easy to understand, And it is. Creation, sin, judgment, forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life–all are clear enough after one learns where to find those teachings. But the Bible is a big book of different kinds of literature written by a number of men over several centuries. Hundreds of verses, scores of chapters, and many of its books can only be understood after careful study.

This book is intended for the reader who is willing to approach the Bible as a learner. It begins and ends with a strong conviction that the Bible is “The Book of Life” and is “The Book to Live By.” Between those chapters it discusses principles of interpretation, the kinds of writing in the Bible, the ways its various parts became accepted as authoritative, and the translation story of the English Bible.

The book leads the reader into a deeper appreciation of the Bible and a firmer basis for interpreting it.

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Broadman Press


Frank Stagg, Ralph Herring