Homespun Holiday


Sewing up loose threads is her specialty …

Meet Sarah Hart, and expert in vintage quilt restoration who has a knack for piecing together mysteries. Whether she’s creating a Log Cabin quilt or delving into a real log cabin to find a clue, her keen eye and gentle faith always lead her in the right direction. Sarah understands that the key to making an intricate quilt – or solving an intricate mystery – is knowing how to put it all together.

Patchwork Mysteries, book 5

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Snow is falling, carols are playing, the Christmas spirit is settling over the countryside, and Sarah is enjoying spending time with her son Jason and his family at this special time of year.

But then she discovers that Belle, her board, has disappeared- along with the family heirloom Christmas quilt. The intricate Star of Bethlehem design was made by Sarah’s husband’s great-grandmother and has been in the family for generations, so the quilt- in addition to being quite valuable- has significant sentimental worth. But where could Belle have taken it? And Why?

As Sarah hunts for Belle, she finds clues that all is not merry in Maple Hill. Will Sarah be able to bring the missing girl home in time for Christmas?

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Patchwork Mysteries


Kelly Ann Riley