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Hidden Treasure


The Skinners of Goldfield series, book 2

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In this second historical novel in the Skinners of Goldfield, Nevada series, gold abounds in the town’s mine shafts and sandy soil. But that’s not where the Goldfield true treasure lies.

The weather is harsh. Sin is glorified. Greed is rampant. Spiritual sensitivity is scarce. And kids grow up with sand in their eyes and gold fever in their bones. The Lord, however, leads in mysterious ways, and it is clear that the Skinner family can’t leave just yet.

Not with O. T. Skinner having to find his friend who is out hunting treasure in the middle of the desert. Not with Dola Mae Skinner needing to search for a missing child and still feed dinner to 75 hungry miners. And especially not with the Rokker family clinging to them and their faith in the midst of still another struggle.

The Skinners grapple with each situation in their family life adventures of this historical novel, that include their own life-and-death circumstances. Meanwhile, they are reminded of what riches they have in their faith. And they discover unexpected treasure in their Goldfield, Nevada friends.

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The Skinners of Goldfield


Stephen Bly