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Heart and Soul


The Innocent Years series, book 3.

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A Senator’s Personal Vendetta, a High-Powered Conspiracy, and the Framing of an Innocent Victim

Home from the Korean War, Lane Temple convalesces from his physical and emotional wounds and begins to practice law again. When his best friend, Coley Thibodeaux, offers Lane the possibility of running for his seat in the Louisiana House of Representatives, Lane and his wife, Catherine, decide that he should do it, and begin his campaign.

But powerful enemies rise up and devise a plot to put their own handpicked man into Thibodeaux’s place as well as satisfy Senator Catelon’s long-standing vendetta against Lane Temple. The conspiracy they plot frames Lane in a land deal involving rights-of-way for Eisenhower’s Interstate system, and Temple is sent to serve time in one of America’s worst prisons.

Determined to see Lane freed, Coley enlists the aid of Maria Genero, a wealthy lawyer from New Orleans who has inside connections. But the mysterious disappearance of a key player in the setup threatens to unravel their efforts.

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Bethany House Publishers


The Innocent Years


Robert Funderburk