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Golden Filly (collection 1)


Five novels in one volume:

The Race, Eagle’s Wings, Go for the Glory, Kentucky Dreamer, and Call for Courage.

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The Race:

Tricia Evanston has loved horses as long as she can remember just like her father. He has always encouraged her love of horse racing and has been training her to compete professionally. Things are not as smooth with Tricia’s mother who worries about her schoolwork and the chances of her getting hurt. Their relationship is easily strained.
Tricia has turned sixteen and her whole life is about to be turned upside down. Her father has been coughing for a long time and finally goes to the hospital. The family is devastated when they learn the diagnosis. Tricia and her older brother David try to take care of the ranch, but when some of the horses get sick, Tricia’s schoolwork really suffers.
And then there’s the question of her faith. How can she trust in God when He’s seemingly forgotten her father?
Before her looms the big race. If only she can win!

Eagle’s Wings:

Only a few colts come along with Derby potential, and only a few riders can bring it out. Spitfire has the potential and Trish Evanston is the only rider who can handle him. But having won the race at The Meadows, the odds are still heavily stacked against them winning the upcoming Portland Futurity.

Go for the Glory:

With a solid string of wins at the Portland Meadows, sixteen-year-old Trish Evanston has quickly become the wonder jockey at the Oregon racetrack. And despite her mother’s worries about Trish’s grades and the slippery track conditions, her father makes their nomination for the upcoming Santa Anita Derby and then the Kentucky Derby. Just the thought of riding in these races is almost too much for Trish to dream!
But after a wonderful family Christmas, it appears that everything is conspiring to keep them away from the Santa Anita Derby. Troubles with Spitfire, nature, and Trish’s family are further complicated when she herself has an accident!
How can so many things go wrong so fast? Is there any chance of getting Spitfire ready for the big race?
It looks like Trish will miss the biggest opportunity of her life. . . .

Kentucky Dreamer:

Trish Evanston could hardly believe that she and the true-black horse she’d raised from a colt had beaten world-famous jockeys and their horses at the Santa Anita Derby. The thrill of such a win was beyond words. Coming from their small ranch in Vancouver, Washington, this unknown horse and sixteen-year-old female jockey are suddenly top news in the racing world!
They had proven they were true contenders to enter the dream of a lifetime, the Kentucky Derby. But dreams have never come easy for the Evanston family. Spitfire’s knee is warm again and must be handled with great care. Trish’s father is back in for chemotherapy, and something’s wrong with her mother, seriously wrong.
But when Trish is involved in a tragic accident at the track, there’s a reason to wonder if she’ll even have the courage to ride again.
Will the dream of the Kentucky Derby fade with her hopes for Spitfire?

Call for Courage:

It was turning into a year of firsts for sixteen-year-old Trisha Evanston. First race, first win, first trip to California and now, the first female to win the Kentucky Derby. What a feeling it had been to hear the cheering spectators and to take the victory bow! She and her father’s dream had come true, and Trish felt butterflies as she thought about their chance to win the Triple Crown of thoroughbred horse racing in the upcoming weeks. And then there’s Red, the jockey Trish met in Kentucky!
So many things are going so well for Trish, but the road that leads to the final race at Belmont Park is filled with untold adversity and near tragedy. Although Spitfire has lived up to his name and become a world-class horse, he and Trish have yet to meet their biggest challenge. And despite the chemotherapy, Trish’s father is growing weaker and his cancer has spread.
Her father had taught her courage. Would it be there when they needed it?
This one is for her dad!

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Publication Date

1990, 1991, 1992


Bethany House Publishers


Lauraine Snelling


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