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Freedom’s Promise


Reardon Brothers series, book 1.

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For the first time in Annie McGregor’s life, she’s free! Her years of servitude drawing to a close, Annie hears there’s a man in town looking for settlers to accompany him across the mountains into Tennessee country. Could this be the answer to her prayers?

Isaac Reardon is on a mission to claim his betrothed–along with a preacher and a small group of settlers–and return to the beautiful home he has carved from the rugged wilderness. He is devastated to learn of his intended wife’s betrayal. And now to make matters worse, he’s confronted with a hardheaded, irresistible young woman who is determined to accompany his wagon train–without a man of her own to protect her!

Together, Annie and Ike must fight perilous mountain passages, menacing outlaws, and a rebellious companion. As they do, both are shocked to discover their growing attraction, which threatens to destroy the dream of freedom for which they have risked their very lives.

The first in an exciting new historical series by best-selling author Dianna Crawford.

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Reardon Brothers


Dianna Crawford