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The Skinners of Goldfield series, book 1

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In this 1905 historical fiction series, in a town full of folks seeking to get rich quick, the Skinner family has already found their real treasure. Alkali dust blowing throughout 100-degree days. Saloons lining every block. A gold rush has put gamblers and gunfighters, prospectors and promoters on every corner. It is Goldfield, Nevada, at the end of the Gold Rush era and it is no place for a family such as the Skinners to settle.

O. T. Skinner and his family have no intention of staying more than a day or two — just long enough to replenish their supplies before continuing their journey west. But next to their tent is a starving family with a drunken father. Nearby an eccentric old lady insists she’s sitting atop a gold mine and won’t let anyone near her. And somehow the Skinners are in the middle of a deadly feud — and they’ve only been there one day!

So many in need of a helping hand. Someone to share the riches of their faith in God. But everyone in Goldfield, Nevada would rather search for a quick fortune than seek lasting treasure. Everyone, that is, except the Skinner family.

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The Skinners of Goldfield


Stephen Bly