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Falling Into Greatness


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Ogilvie believes that greatness can be attained only by falling into it–by the grace of God. No matter what aspect of God’s character is described, and no matter what need is expressed, all things are received only by His grace. In this personal, practical book, Ogilvie explains how, through reading, studying, and praying the Psalms, we can “fall into the arms of the greatness of God.” Ogilvie has chosen nineteen psalms he believes most clearly show the nature of God and speak directly to the personal needs of most people. He shows how the Psalms speak for us in a magnificent language of praise and lead us into deeper fellowship with the Lord. Through the discussions, Ogilvie reveals the importance of the Book of Psalms in praying and how it can provide comfort, encouragement, strength, and joy in daily living. As Ogilvie says of the Psalms, “there is no human emotion or spiritual condition which is left unexpressed. We are gripped with a ‘That’s how I feel,’ or ‘How did he (the psalmist) know what I’ve been through?” By praying through the Psalms, by understanding and embracing their messages, personal needs can be met because “each time a psalm is read…it yields fresh insight into our own concerns and the God who alone can meet our needs.” In a clear, easy-to-read style, Ogilvie presents a brief explanation of the title, text, and basic development of the messages of the psalms he has selected. An in-depth commentary on the essence of each psalm enables the reader to gain a clearer understanding of the psalm and its message. The Psalms “speak to our condition…,” says Ogilvie. Some subjects addressed are: **The Secret of Lasting Joy; **Living at Full Potential; **When God Seems Absent; **Triumph in Troubles; **Confusing Comparisons; and **Eternal Security.

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Lloyd John Ogilvie