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Evening Star


Sam Keaton, Legends of Laramie series, book 1

Books 1 and 2 of this series are revisions of books originally published in 1994. Book 4 is the original 1995 edition. Book 3 of this series was checked out of our library in 2018, so we no longer have it.  If, after reading the first 2 books, you would like to read the 3rd book in the series let us know and we’ll try to get another copy.

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Sam Keaton wasn’t looking for trouble when he rode into Laramie. Like so many cowhands of the 1870’s, having a good time on payday was uppermost in his trail-weary mind. But trouble had a way of finding hem, and he was soon back in the saddle–with a posse in hot pursuit and the nagging sense that there had to be more to life…

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Bethany House Publishers


Sam Keaton, Legends of Laramie


Sigmund Brouwer


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