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Daily Disciplines for the Christian Man


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As Christian men, we know the feeling. We return home from a church service or a retreat excited about our walk with God and brimming with optimism about how this time what we’ve heard is going to make a real difference in the way we live. And yet, within a matter of days (or sometimes within a matter of minutes) our hopes are dashed on the rocks of “life as usual.”

For many of us, it’s not motivation we lack. We want to live a joyful, Christ-centered life. We certainly aren’t lacking information, either. We’ve heard and read and talked about what our lives should look like. What’s missing for many of us is a strategy for putting what we know into practice.

“Our life in Christ is not a natural phenomenon,” writes Dr. Bob Beltz. “It is a supernatural phenomenon. We need to learn how to tap into the power source of a daily walk with Christ.” In Daily Disciplines for the Christian Man, Dr. Bob Beltz gives us seven clear and simple steps that will enable us to live one day at a time with Christ, led and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

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