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Courage and Compromise


Homestead series, book 2.

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“Jolie, did you feel something? Something dropped on me, right on my arm,” Essie called out.

Without much warning, the sod roof of the Bowers family house caves in on them during a torrential September rain. Matthew Bowers is away in Lincoln, so Lissa Bowers and her daughter Jolie shepherd the children into the barn for the night.

Clear skies greet Jolie as she awakens the next morning, but the storms are far from over for the Bowers family. Mr. Bowers gets arrested in Lincoln for starting a riot. There is trouble between farmers and the railroad over shipping rates causing both sides to hire gunmen. And as Jolie and Tanner Wells contemplate marriage, the sudden appearance of a handsome widower tests Jolie’s feelings for Tanner.

Everything comes to a head at a community meeting, and Jolie is the one person who can make peace. Throughout the book, Jolie relies on God’s wisdom and guidance as she struggles to understand homestead politics and her own feelings for Tanner.

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Stephen Bly