Bibleman is an American children’s series  created by Tony Salerno that ran from 1995 to 2010 with the goal of promoting Christianity. The series centers around an evangelical superhero who fights evil, often by quoting scripture.

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With his scheme thwarted by the Bibleman Adventure Team, Primordious Drool retires to the sewer from which he came and is replaced by another hopeful villain, The Wacky Protestor. With plans to drench the world in a hopeless cloud of despair and darkness, The Wacky Protestor uses his Spasmodic, Meteoronic, Wacksonic Cloud of Darkness and Despair to discourage youth group member Cory Standridge and give him deep feelings of isolation and despair.

As the Bibleteam meets at Sector 12 to give a certain someone a lesson of his own in isolation and darkness, Biblegirl is separated from the team and is ultimately hit with a cloud of darkness herself. Can Bibleman, Cypher and U.N.I.C.E. save her?

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42 minutes


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