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Berlin Encounter


Rendezvous with destiny series, book 4.

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They must escape Stalin’s notorious blockade or face certain death on charges of espionage!

Colonel Jake Burnes had never imagined himself a spy. But the acclaim he won for rescuing a French Resistance hero and bringing a traitor to justice lead to a more clandestine assignment. Now he must venture into the sector of Germany held by the Red Army and secure the safe passage of two rocket scientists to the West. NATO intelligence assures him that the very future of Europe is at stake.

But Jake is unaware that Russian spies have infiltrated this elite group, jeopardizing his mission and his life. As Stalin’s stranglehold around the city of Berlin tightens into a notorious blockade, Jake’s newlywed wife Sally learns of the danger and rushes to warn him. Will she reach him in time?

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Bethany House Publishers


Rendezvous With Destiny


T. Davis Bunn


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