Back Home Again


Tales From Grace Chapel Inn series, book 1.

We have books 1,2, and 15 here. If you would like to read the others in the series, let us know and we’ll see if we can get them.

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This inaugural title in Tales from Grace Chapel Inn sets the tone for a series that embraces family and friends, good neighbors and good will, and an enduring faith in God. The Howard sisters live their faith by example and bring a sense of community to Acorn Hill as they go about their days.

in Back Home Again, sleepy little Acorn Hill is in for a big surprise when the three sisters reunite after the death of their father, a beloved minister. Each has inherited a share of his worn-down Victorian house, and they decide to turn their family home into a bed-and-breakfast. But the women are as different as sisters can be, and they encounter many obstacles along the way. By learning to work together, accepting a little help from their friends, and trusting in God, the three sisters are finally able to see Grace Chapel Inn open its doors.

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Tales From Grace Chapel Inn


Melody Carlson