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A Thousand Shall Fall


The Shiloh Legacy series, book 2.

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The Roaring Twenties promise peace and prosperity after the Great War. But is all what it seems?

Nine-year-old David O’Halloran has not had an easy life. He can’t even remember his father. Now his beloved mother is dying of cancer in St. Francis Hospital in Philadelphia, leaving David home alone with his drunk, abusive stepfather. Who was my real father? David longs to know. Then one day, while in his mother’s room, he discovers some letters . . . and the shocking truth.

Former soldier Max Meyer, now a respected financial columnist for the New York Times, is convinced of a pending stock-market crash. But no one wants to listen to this doomsday report. Especially Mob Boss Quinn, who has a lot to lose and would do anything to keep Max silent.

After ten years of hard work on the oil rigs of Oklahoma, Birch Tucker at last returns home to Shiloh, Arkansas, with his wife, Trudy, and their three sons. It is the place of their hopes and dreams . . . but will it last?

Will anything in America survive the great stock-market crash of 1929?

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The Shiloh Legacy


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