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A Theology for Children


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From the preface of the book:

“I am one of those adults who stand in awe, if not fear, of children. Their direct gaze and pointed questions have transfixed and disconcerted me. Recently I have come to the desirable but difficult place of treating them as equals.
In this work I have used the games, learning experiences, and larger dimensions of the imaginative world of children as a setting for a theology written on their behalf. As I perceive it, the substance of theology is given primarily in Scripture. The classical formation of theological insight is a part of our larger, shared Christian heritage. The specific language and idiom in which a given theology is expressed depends on the purpose of the author. In this volume I chose to address a theology for children to those who work with children for the sake of our children.
The perceptive reader will want to read chapter 2 first, for it contains the presuppositions for this theology. All of the major doctrines are covered in the book. Children are not second-class citizens; they need a full expression of the Christian faith. But they need it in ways and words in which they can understand it. This book is for those who work with children—parents, teachers, pastors, and all other ministers. Your responsibility will be to make further specific translation of these insights into the particular circumstances of the children whom you know and love. This book is written out of the love of Christ who loved and called children to himself. My hope is that it will be an instrument in helping to call children to Him.”

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William L. Hendricks