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A Stranger’s Wish


The Amish Farm series, book 1.

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Englisher Kristie Matthews’ move to an Amish family farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, couldn’t have started on a worse note. The young schoolteacher is bitten by the farm dog, and on her trip to the local ER, she has a strange encounter with an old man who has just had a heart attack. The stranger asks her to do him a favor — to hold fast to a key he gives her with the explicit instruction that she tell absolutely no one about it. When her life is endangered, Kristie suspects a connection to the mysterious key. While she juggles solving the mystery of the key with staying alive, Kristie is also juggling her romantic life. Is her lawyer boyfriend, Todd Reasoner, the right man for her?

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Harvest House Publishers


The Amish Farm


Gayle Roper