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A Sourcebook for Baptist Heritage


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This massive reader, meant to accompany McBeth’s The Baptist Heritage: Four Centuries of Baptist Witness, introduces the major figures and documents of Baptist history from the beginnings in America, the revivals of the eighteenth century, the splits of the nineteenth century, and the worldwide fellowship today. Many items in this vast collection have never before been published; all of them shed light on the broad and glorious heritage of the Baptists. Dr. McBeth traveled extensively to collect a vast amount of material, some of it previously unpublished, which parallels and illustrates his discussion in The Baptist Heritage. Readers of this book have the opportunity to hear directly from the leading characters and movements in Baptist history. No other single-volume collection of sources encompasses the kaleidoscope of people, denominations, and nationalities that comprise the Baptist Heritage. In these voices from the past, readers can gain insight into the facts of Baptist history, and at the same time get a feeling for the events and emotions that motivated people that really were just like us.

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H. Leon McBeth