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A Shelter of Hope


Westward Chronicles series, book 1.

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Within the Carefully Shielded Interior of Her Heart, a Fierce Longing Drives Simone to Journey Afar…

The heavy hand of her father has cast its shadow over Simone Dumas her entire life, leaving her deprived of her mother’s love at a tender age. Isolated from all other human contact in the vast Wyoming Territory, Simone finally finds the courage to flee when her father’s cruelty surpasses reason.

Jeffery O’Donnell is captivated by the mystery and strength he recognizes in the slight form of the lovely Simone, who arrives at his office in hopes of acquiring a position as a Harvey Girl at the popular and respectable way-stops along the frontier rail line. Despite her hesitancy to reveal her past, his need for hired help drives him to accept her, though he is unable to verify the credibility of her character. Jeffery is torn, however, when he suspects that Simone may harbor a disturbing secret.

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Bethany House Publishers


Westward Chronicles


Tracie Peterson